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Tickets: Members $15, Nonmembers $20 (12yrs+ Only)

Snacks will be available for purchase for $3. Please note that the tickets and snack coupons have to be purchased in advance. No sales will be handled at the venue.

For tickets use the ticket counter (right column on PC, bottom of page on smartphone)

About the Natak:

Aditya and Madhuri, a middle class couple, find their routine middle class life boring and are striving for a lavish and  luxurious life style. Driven by this ambitious goal the couple is willing to go to any lengths and adopt any route to achieve the same. The couple strategizes a bone-chilling plan to achieve their goal.

Case no 99, a suspense thriller, keeps the audience at the edge of their seats as it unravels Aditya and Madhuri’s journey through unexpected turn of events as they attempt to take their plan to fruition. The question is whether they succeed in executing their plan … ???