Advertise with OMM

In an effort to raise funds for the Mandal’s operations, the Oregon Marathi Mandal offers the following avenues for our members to advertise through the various mediums the Mandal has to offer.

Advertising Options

CategoryCostWhatsApp GroupMandal EmailsAnnouncementsProgram Pages on WebsitesFlyers at Events
L3$200✓ (1 quarter)
L4$300✓ (6 mo.)
L5$400✓ (9 mo.)
L6$500✓ (1 yr.)✓ (1 subsequent program)
L7$1,000✓ (1 yr)✓ (all subsequent programs)

Mediums of Advertisement:

  • Whatsapp – The Mandal has a WhatsApp group, and your advertisement will be posted there by the group Admin
  • Mandal Emails – Your advertisement will be published in periodic Mandal emails. The typical frequency of this is at least once a month, every month
  • Announcements – TBD
  • Program Website – Your advertisement will be listed on the Mandal’s home page. See the Fine print below for the calendar year.
  • Flyers – We will keep your flyers at any booth we may have for subsequent in-person Mandal programs.

Please contact us if you are interested in advertising, or have any questions.

Fine print:

  • The advertiser *must* be a current member of the Mandal in good standing.
  • The period of advertisement is during the Mandal's calendar year, which is from Ganeshotsav to Ganeshotsav of the susequent year. So the earlier you start your advertisement, the better the visibility will be.
  • You will be responsible to provide all artifacts and printed materials for the flyers. e.g. images in .png, .jpg, .pdf format, etc.
  • The Mandal will take reasonable efforts to inject your advertisements per the above Advertisement categories. If the Mandal misses an opportunity, the Mandal will take reasonable efforts to inject your advertisement in a subsequent event.
  • Only Advertisements approved by the Mandal's board will be accepted, and must follow all legal requirements.